Cades Depot

Cades Depot Williamsburg County South Carolina

•Another Dilapidated Depot•

It is difficult to see part of our history forgotten and neglected. Soon this small depot will be lost for good. Time has not been kind to the Cades Depot. This rotting wood is now enshrouded in vines. A single red glimmer of hope has been installed. Across the top shining in stark contrast is a new roof. While I see little chance for this depot, someone else hasn’t given up. Who knows what might happen to this relic from the past.

Cades Depot Williamsburg County South Carolina

Cades itself is a small unincorporated community in Williamsburg County. You won’t find much information about this community on the internet, unfortunately. The origin of the name is even unknown to me. Although I did see that it was originally called Camp Ridge at some point. One of the far too few facts that  I did discover was that a governor, Robert Evander McNair, was born in Cades. 

Cades Depot Williamsburg County South Carolina

Most of what  I found out about Cades Depot came from the Sciway website. Sciway has been an invaluable tool for learning about some of the more obscure landmarks in South Carolina. According to Sciway, The railroad came to Cades in 1856, but the depot wasn’t built until much later on. The exact year of the depot was not mentioned. Although the town itself wasn’t officially recognized until March 4th, 1904. The depot was built as a stop between the towns of Lake City and Kingtree.

Cades Depot Williamsburg County South Carolina

It seems now that Cades Depot was on the verge of collapse. Even with a new roof time has been cruel. How nice it would be if all these Depots could be saved and used as community centers or even as a business.

Location: 33.78535, -79.78498

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