Salters Abandoned School

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In 1924 a two-story brick building was constructed in the rustic countryside of Williamsburg County. One hundred children would go here by 1925, something that is pretty hard to believe today. Less than 100 years ago this school was comprised of less than 100 students spanning across grades 1-11. Times have certainly changed. So many people in such a short amount of time. To give you a good comparison, Wando High School in Mount Pleasant held 3,882 students this past year. That is for four grades, 9-12 only.

Anyway, this old school is Salters has sat unused for almost thirty years now. According to Sciway, it hasn’t been a school since the seventies. Between then and the nineties it served in Gladiolus Cultivation. I had to look up what that meant because I hadn’t the slightest clue. Gladiolus is a popular bulbous plant. So, in other words, it was a nursery for thirty years.

It is hard to tell that it was ever a school or used as a nursery. Debris fills the entrance corridor as soon as you step inside. Pushing past you’ll find three separate spaces which were originally classrooms. Random pieces of furniture and miscellaneous equipment cluster up these areas too. The strangest addition though was easily the dozens of deer antlers haphazardly placed all about.

Travelling up the bare wood stairs will bring you into the auditorium. Even less can be found here. The rafters here too are decorated with antlers. The stage is filled with an assortment of bizarre debris. It is difficult to imagine what sort of plays might have been performed here so many years ago.

Location: 33.59748, -79.85555


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