Palmer School

Palmer School Marion County, South Carolina

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Up until recently, I would have never imagined that this old wooden building was once a school. As I have traveled I have noticed that this is not all that infrequent. You can seem to always find a few headstones near find sitting near a very old school. My first thought when I see these old buildings is to envision a skeleton thin crypt keeper who waits inside. That he uses the building for watching over the graves and doing maintenance in the graveyard by moonlight. They always said I had an active imagination.

Palmer School Marion County, South Carolina


The school was built well over 100 years ago, around 1870 according to It was the first public school in Marion County. The church and cemetery were added later on. It looks like the Palmer family is still taking care of the school. When I visited I noticed that the roof had been repaired when compared with photos from a year or so before. That always amazes me. It isn’t that often that a family takes such pride in their heritage and past. 

Palmer School Marion County, South Carolina

I still don’t understand why these schools are always so close to cemeteries. I figured that perhaps the building had been relocated for safe keeping. I mean, where is safer than a cemetery? That doesn’t seem to be the case here. Possibly the cemetery starts off further away and over time inches its way closer and closer to the school? Was it perhaps just the norm to have the church and school this close 100 years ago? 

Location: 34.0201, -79.34603

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