Little Pee Dee State Park

Little Pee Dee State Park Sand Dunes

• Sand Dunes!•

On my way to Little Pee Dee State Park, I came across something very unusual. At first, I thought it was snow. Then I realized what I was really seeing was sand. I’d always heard that the Sandhills used to be part of an ancient coastline that existed millions of years ago. I just wasn’t ready for this at all. Driving through the area I had also noticed some of the differences in the topography of soil. Coming from the Piedmont area of South Carolina I am used to seeing a lot of red clay. So it shouldn’t have had been such a surprise, but all the same, I could hardly believe what I was seeing.

Little Pee Dee State Park Sandhills

I can easily recall hearing jokes about how the capital, Columbia, was once great beachfront real estate. Still, it is one thing to hear about something and something completely different to see it for yourself. This Cretaceous aged sand was blown into sand dunes thousands of years ago and it all happened during the last glaciation period. I think all of that is mind-blowing to imagine. It is really difficult to visualize all the geographical changes that have taken place right here.

•Beavers & Pine Cones•

Little Pee Dee State Park Beaver Trail

After getting my fill of the sand dunes I made my way to the actual park for a light walk. The camping area seemed nice. I noticed that this was a popular place for canoeing and fishing. I’ve always wanted to get into canoeing. On this particular day, I just went for a light walk down the Beaver Pond Trail. I’ll wait until it warms up some before trying to drown myself learning how to paddle. The trail started near the campground and about halfway through looped back around on itself. It is also the home to some of the biggest pine cones I’ve ever seen. These things were huge! I waited around for a good solid minute, though I didn’t find any beavers in the pond. They are usually not very active during the winter anyway. My adventure at Little Pee Dee State Park certainly turned out to be full of new and unusual discoveries.

Location: 34.32802, -79.26342

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  1. How to correlate letters on Dillon Explorer’s Guide map with specific places/items, please? I must have overlooked something. Thank you!

    • You have two options. Above each map, you can click on the Location URL. That will pull up the location for you. The other way is to hold down ctrl and use the mouse wheel while hovering over the embedded map. That will allow you to look at all the locations that I covered while exploring the County. I hope that helps explain how to use the maps provided.

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