Ketchup Town?

Ketchup Town Horry County

•A place to “Catch-up”•

I’ve come across some strangely named places in South Carolina that is for sure. Coward, Cowpens, Due West, Ninety-Six, are just a few of the weird names. At this point, it is just easier to just accept that my ancestors didn’t have the greatest imagination. So I wasn’t all that surprised when I drove past Ketchup Town recently. This tiny community can be found just north of Aynor at SC 23 and SC 99. No. I am not making this up.

As I’m sure you would, my first action was to look at the map for Mustardville. Nothing popped up, although I did find the small town of Mayo on the other side of the state. Being over 200 miles apart I doubt that they kept in touch. It really is baffling you know? Who gets put in charge of these decisions? Even with or without a Mustardville nearby, it isn’t what makes this place really fascinating. What makes Ketchup Town interesting is the real origins of the name.

Ketchup Town has nothing to do with Ketchup sauce. The name instead comes from a misspelling of the words “catch up”. The story is said to be that every Saturday this small farming community would gather at Herbert “Hub” Small’s country store, the store featured in the photograph, and “catch up”. Yep, it really went down that way. I really like the story. Something about that little bit of history makes the name all that much more endearing if you ask me.

Location: 34.10238, -79.15535

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