Hanging Rock

Hanging Rock Battleground South Carolina



Hanging Rock was awesome! Even though I had no clue where I was supposed to park or if I was really even in the right place. This was a really neat place with a strange sort of vibe you could feel in the air. Pulling up, the only clue that this was, in fact, the right spot was a single sticker. No real marker clearly showed that I had found the trailhead for Hanging Rock. No one else was here either. Judging from the thick blanket of leaves, I doubted that anyone had been down this 0.4-mile trail that day.

Hanging Rock Battleground South Carolina

The history of Hanging Rock is well detailed. The battle took place on August 6th, 1780 during the Revolutionary War. The result, Colonel Sumter (GOOD GUY) defeated the British American Regiment (BAD GUY). So that is good. I like it when we win. The thing is, I am not so sure anything actually happened right here. Several sources say that the battle actually took place several miles away. It really doesn’t surprise me though. Hanging Rock might have started off as a marker to indicate about where it took place and after a while, it simply became the place where it happened.

Even though it was a little difficult to find at first, once you see the giant rocks you’ll know you’ve found the right place. Overall it was a nice hike and I enjoyed myself. If you’re in the area you check it out.

Location: 34.5625, -80.66321

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