Roca del Yunque

Anvil Rock South Carolina

•Anvil Rock•

Sometimes the destinations I visit remind me of books or movie. That was especially true with my visit to Anvil Rock. The entire time I couldn’t help thinking about an old VHS I watched as a kid. It was called “Romancing the Stone” and even though it was a romance, it was a personal favorite I’ll admit. I don’t really remember a whole lot about the movie (at least that is what I’m going to say here). I just recall a treasure map and I’ve never forgotten the strange and fascinating marker called “El Tenedor del Diablo” or “The Devil’s Fork”.
Anvil Rock South Carolina
Of course, Anvil Rock looks nothing like Devil’s Fork, but that isn’t the point. My mind easily imagines the marker as a guide stone to some secret buried treasure only a few hundred paces away. Who knows, maybe someone else thought the same. The rock is after all significant enough to have lent the surrounding area its name. Perhaps once a long time ago people would have used this rock to help guide them on their way. If not to treasure, then at least safely home.

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