Angelus School Ruins

Angelus School Chesterfield South Carolina

•Only Rubble Remains•

Continuing on my journey through Chesterfield, South Carolina I came upon the ruins of a community building that was originally used as a school. The main building of the school burnt to the ground in 2013 and according to, the cause of the fire is still not known.

I came to photograph the archway of the main building. It turned out that very little still remained and the archway was completely gone. Most of the ruins have now been cleared and all that remains of the building is just a few neat piles of rubble. I was a little disappointed, to tell the truth. I was really hoping to photograph the entrance to the old school. It would have been nice if it was kept as a marker. Mostly I was overjoyed to see that progress was being made. You would never be able to tell that a school once stood there.
Angelus School Chesterfield South Carolina
The good news was that the old Gymnasium still stands and actually made for some pretty decent photos. Something about those creaky warped boards mesmerized me. Slowly the trees and weeds tear and break away to reclaim what we try to tame. I wonder when the day will come when someone else goes to see what I photographed and discover it is finally gone.

Overall I was glad that I stopped. Even though what I hoped to find was gone, I still got to see something equally fascinating. It is unfortunate that something hasn’t been done with the gym. I’m sure it would have made a wonderful place for reunions or wedding receptions.

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