Chesterfield hours before disaster

Chesterfield South Carolina Main Street fire

•Downtown on Fire•

You never know when a piece of history will be lost. I had no clue that within a matter of hours what I photographed would be engulfed in flames. On Tuesday night a fire swiftly destroyed several Main Street buildings in Chesterfield, South Carolina. I had even walked through the drug store that is now severely damaged. According to WSOCTV the fire likely started in the basement of a boutique just beside the drug store. Both buildings and the local barber shop seem to be destroyed.
Chesterfield South Carolina Main Street fire
This has really shown me the value of capturing pictures of everyday places. This was the last place I imagined being lost. I hope that Chesterfield manages to recover from this somehow. Will reconstruction be possible or is demolition inevitable? The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Luckily no one was harmed in the fire. Currently, downtown is blocked off and it is uncertain when the road will be open again.


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