Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek School

•The test of time•

You never know what goes on inside these old buildings. While each has its own story to tell, many simply fall into disrepair and are ultimately forgotten. Who can say what the fate of Wolf Creek will be? It is a remarkable structure that has stood the test of time that much I can say. Here are a few facts I discovered from the owner earlier today.
Wolf Creek School
For over one hundred years Wolf Creek has managed. Exactly how that is possible is extraordinary given its recent luck. The abuse of time and callowness of plunderers has left their mark on this center for learning. This year alone has been unyielding. The ravages of hurricane Irma are still not yet mended.

•Owls and Auto Repair•

Most surprising of my discoveries was the previous uses made of an old school building. Believe it or not, once cars were driven inside and worked on underneath this roof. An entire automotive shop was set up and ran. How they managed to fit a car inside is beyond my comprehension and yet that is what the current owner believes.

Wolf Creek School
I can’t tell you about the students or the faculty who worked here. I don’t know what ages were taught or for how many years. All I do know is that an owl once lived here and he loved to ring the school bell for everyone to hear.

The owner requested that I not share the location of the school here. If you are interested in purchasing this three-acre property please contact me and I’ll relay your phone number to the owners.
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