Go shopping in Prison?

Stockade Antiques

•Stockade Antiques•

“Go in looking for a sofa, stay for 30 to Life”

Okay. So maybe that isn’t the actual slogan for Stockade Antiques. It really should be though. So, have you ever heard those news stories where the police trick unwitting criminals into coming forward by dangling the promise of free merchandise? It might be free football tickets or even free beer. So this is nothing like that, but that is exactly what I thought I had found when I pulled up to this very unusual store.

Stockade Antiques

Just to recap on what in the world I’m saying, This little stone antique store in Pickens was once a prison and still has real jail cells. Although I will admit that I didn’t go in to find out just how real they were. The County Stockade was built in 1936 and was used as a men’s prison up until 1968. I guess the owners don’t have to worry about anything being stolen.

Today the store sells a variety of intriguing merchandise, including furniture. New items turn up regularly for reasonable prices too. I would imagine it’d be a fun place to visit, at least once you get past the fact you’re walking into a freaking prison. I tried to contact them to find out about overnight lockup pricing or if they offer a premium panic room option. I have yet to receive a reply. Open Tuesday-Saturday 10 am to 5 pm.

You really just don’t know what you’ll find in South Carolina.

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