Starr Post Office SC

I can go ahead and tell you that Starr follows a pattern that is all too common in the upstate.  Brace yourself for another melancholy tale of abandonment. Did you know that Starr didn’t always go by that title? This small town was once called Twiggs and was developed way on back in the 1830s. The small farming community would eventually get renamed after Captain W.W. Star in 1888. I’m assuming that was around the same time that the railroad was built somewhere through here. I couldn’t tell you where though. The railway depot is completely gone it would seem. All that is left stands apparently vacant on Main Street.

Starr Post Office SC

I visited on a cold and rainy day. No one passed by as I photographed what remained. It was a quiet and lonely place. Many of the homes exist on vast acres of land. So little could be shown to prove this way not, in fact, a ghost town. The Old Post office was barely recognizable due to years of disrepair. More legible was the word “Antiques” scribbled next to the front door. When might that have been? I wonder when was the last time those doors opened for business? According to census information, Starr’s small population has remained stagnant for almost 30 years now. I will admit that doesn’t surprise me. It seems to be a trend in many of these small rural areas.

Starr SC

Not all is doom and gloom here though. Once this was a booming agricultural community. Somewhere out in the miles of countryside exist several elegant homes from those golden years. I did not have time to go off in pursuit, but I still hope to photograph Evergreen Plantation one of these days.

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