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Hannah RosenWald School

•Hannah Rosenwald School•

This is exactly why I need to go see my Grandmother more often. Facts can get lost over the years and even the name of a place can be forgotten. A good example of this is the Hannah Rosenwald School in Newberry County.

RUtopia-1-1024x683 Utopia?

The Hannah Rosenwald School was built in 1924 for Africain-American students. It turns out that a lot of these Rosenwald schools exist. They are really fascinating buildings and historically significant places. I am actually planning on visiting one in just a few days.

RUtopia-1-1024x683 Utopia?

Anyway, on the National Register, this school was supposedly nicknamed Utopia. The surrounding area was known as Utopia. I sometimes wonder about the people that name places in such a way, but I’ll leave that out for now. The problem is they might have gotten the facts mixed up.

RUtopia-1-1024x683 Utopia?

The National Register has this much to say about it: “Hannah Rosenwald School was built during the 1924-1925 school year, replacing the older Free Hannah School. Known in Rosenwald School records as the “Utopia School” after the local community, Hannah Rosenwald School was built on four acres of land near Hannah A.M.E. Church, which relocated across the road from the school in 1952.”

RUtopia-1-1024x683 Utopia?

However, Tom Taylor seems to think that they’ve got it mixed up. Sometimes Tom has a way of going over my head with the depth of his research. I personally like to keep it at elementary school level. Since utopia was a nickname, my guess is that both schools in the utopia area were called utopia school. The older of the two being the “official” utopia school. That is just my highly educated assumption though. Make sure to check out the research that Tom Taylor did HERE.

RUtopia-1-1024x683 Utopia?

Do you know what the truth of the matter might be? If you’re interested in laying this tantalizing mystery to rest please share any information you might have about the subject.

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Learn more at Sciway.net or at nationalregister.sc.gov

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RUtopia-1-1024x683 Utopia?

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