Martin’s General Store

Martin's General Merchandise

•The Beehive Cafe•

“You can buy local produce and farm fresh food cooked and served like you wish mama still cooked!” -Martin’s General Store

I’d never had shrimp and grits till I was well into my twenties. Believe it or not South Carolina exist outside the coastal zone. I’ll be honest with you here too. Shrimp and Grits ain’t even all that good. I love grits. Well, I love the stuff I can put in them anyway, cheese and bacon, I even like to stir in the occasional egg. Shrimp? Not really sure what yall are thinking down on the beach, but that ain’t really something we eat around here.

Martin's General Merchandise

I’ll let you in on a well-kept secret, a place where you can get real southern food. The Bee Hive Cafe. Let me say a few things first, I’m in no way affiliated with this business. I’d only recently discovered it myself and when I did I’m fairly certain I frightened the proprietor with my camera equipment and interrogation style questions. The other thing I want to clarify is what southerners really eat. Around here we eat a lot of Barbecue, Mac ‘n Cheese, peaches, biscuits, and just about anything and everything you can imagine FRIED.

Martin's General Merchandise

The bee Hive Cafe is more than just a cafe with amazing food though. It is also a piece of history. This store was also called Daniel’s Store once and was built before the civil war by James Wright Daniel and several business partners. In 1878 a fellow named James Martin bought the store. He and his grandchildren ran the store for 119 years. This place served just about every purpose possible. It sold groceries, dry goods, farm supplies, and even automotive items. Martin’s store, as it came to be known, was also a community hub. The Masons, the Grange, and other organizations would regularly meet here.

Live music every Thursday night. Make sure you try the pimento cheese burger and Deep Fried Mac ‘n Cheese when you visit.

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