Missile Man

Missile Man

•Man builds missile in Cross Hill?•

Taking the backroads to Columbia has really helped me discover some interesting places. All kinds of places can be found just off the interstate. This one can be found in Cross Hill. First though let me just make it clear, I am usually well prepared for the weirdness of South Carolina. It takes something truly peculiar to send me into a tire screeching u-turn. Try and imagine how it might have seemed. You’ve got your eyes peeled for crumbling mills or possibly even a renovated train depot when suddenly you look out your window and see a guy building a missile in his front yard. Welcome to South Carolina!

I mean, I get being prepared. Sure. I get that. This though, this is something completely different. I mean when exactly do you come to a point in your life where you go, “Hey. I should build a missile. You never know, it could be super useful and stuff!” I decided it would be in my interest to just take my casual photo and be on my way. Missle Man seemed nice and everything don’t get me wrong. I’m usually not so skittish, swear. I’m sure you’re a really great guy.

So if you’re ever driving through Cross Hill make sure to check out The Missle Man. Maybe you’ll be braver than me and get him to explain. I’m just going to leave this one here. Not every mystery is worth solving.

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