The Graveyard of Old Lebanon

Old Stone

•Old Stones of Winnsboro•

Just outside the town of Winnsboro lies old stone structures and ancient Indian burial grounds that most people do not know about. Not much is known about many of these structures today. I struck out on a brisk and clear day to see if I could learn anything. The stone building featured below was built by Samuel Gladney and dates back to around 1780. He received a royal land grant and built what has come to be known nowadays as Old Stone House.
Old Stone
It looks like Samuel would only enjoy living in his home for another 16 years before passing away. I couldn’t find out who inherited the home. It did pass on to a few different people until around 1870 when the Lebanon Presbyterian Church purchased it. Then it was used for 22 years as a parsonage. In 1893 a new church was built further away and the house was no longer needed Still, the Old Stone House still stands today.
Old Stone
If you visit the graveyard of Old Lebanon Church you can see what remains. While the house might still stand, the church is mostly rubble now. Not far from where the church once stood are many unmarked graves. I wondered a great deal about those unmarked stones. How crushing it must have been to bury a loved one in such a way. To have a simple fieldstone as the only permanent marker must have been heartbreaking.
Old Stone
One thing all graveyards usually share is silence. Be it a well-kept cemetery or the ruins of one. This one though was full of the loud cries of a hungry kitten. A skittish cat that I couldn’t seem to catch or call to me. So, If you happen to visit anytime soon make sure to bring something for her.
Old StoneI have never understood why people find cemeteries scary. They are places we should appreciate. A place to celebrate the lives of those who lived. Instead, we fear them and run as far as we can. It is as though we honestly think that a skeletal hand will reach out and grab us. Pulling us down to our own death.
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