Erskine College

Euphemian Literary Society Hall Erskine College

My grandfather attended Erskine. I’d never really stopped to look at the college even though I lived nearby my entire childhood. It is strange, living so close to somewhere and never even giving it a second thought. I guess that is life though. People who live beside Disney World might go their whole lives without stepping foot inside the park.

Bowie Divinity Hall Erskine College

Bowie Divinity Hall

The college was founded in 1839 by the Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. On March 19, 1982 it was added to the National Registry. A few of the buildings on campus are new and they sure do stand out, especially the Bowie Arts Center. It is ugly.

Belk Hall Erskine College

Belk Hall

Don’t get me wrong though, I really do love the neo-classical design of the Euphemian Literary Society Hall. Strolling through the court-yard near the McCain Library is pleasant. I really just don’t know why they had to go and mess with a good thing by adding modern style to a classic place.

Just getting to see some of these historic buildings makes this trip worth your time.

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