The Specter of Abbeville Opera House

Abbeville Opera House Ghost

•The ghost behind the curtain•

Many people know the legend of the Haunted Opera House in Abbeville. It is one that has been told many times. Today I went to see what truths I might find in this 109-year-old site.

Abbeville Opera House Ghost

Standing in front

The floorboards creaked loudly as I stepped inside the bustling entrance of the Opera House building. People buzzed all about and took little notice as I walked right by and climbed the staircase. It was strange not being seen, as though I was the ghost I had come to find. Many visitors must be interested in this historic place, for no one seemed to mind.

Abbeville Opera House Ghost

Darkness inside

Reaching the second floor I stopped briefly. Something felt wrong and I couldn’t place what. As I stared at a sunlit room off to my right it came to me, no one was using the entire second floor. The serenity was a stark contrast to the bustle below my feet and every step I took groaned louder than the last. I found that every room was unused. No one was here with me.

Abbeville Opera House Ghost

Lost in the light

I was uncertain if I should continue. Didn’t they care that I was up here? Do they just let anyone walk around in this place? Against these concerns, I tentatively opened the door to the second-floor balcony and found immeasurable darkness. Not a single light was on inside as I stumbled around looking for a switch.

Abbeville Opera House Ghost

Nobody knows

It is a strange sensation to stand on stage in an empty theater. In the same place where famous people once stood and look out on all those empty seats. In its heyday, a variety of shows played here. Everything from Minstrel to Vaudeville and even Burlesque was performed right where I was standing. I could just imagine the roaring ovations and gave a mock bow to my imaginary fans.

Abbeville Opera House Ghost

The day has gone

Every opera house has its ghost and I had come hoping to find one. Today the third story balcony is restricted. With only one exit it was deemed a fire hazard and is no longer in use. Still, it is common for performers to claim to see a young woman sitting all alone way up there.  She is often seen and so I waited for her to appear. Though I did my best dance and sang a song or two, no one came out to applaud.

Abbeville Opera House Ghost

Moments with you.

When I was ready to leave, as so often the case, it was from behind the curtain that I heard snickering barely audible. Thinking someone had found my small production amusing, I stepped behind to see who was laughing. No one was there. Nothing. Just darkness all around.

Abbeville Opera House Ghost

Behind the Curtain

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