Orange Mystery House

Ware Shoals

This is an abandoned home just outside The Ware Shoals Dragway on U.S. 25. I’ve passed it several times and never paid it much attention. On this particular morning, I decided to take a few photographs of it. Does anyone know who once lived here? I would love to know something more about this place, even the address would make for a good start. Anything you might know would be very helpful.

Ware Shoals

Sun Rise Together

I call this the Orange Mystery House because I have still not figured out why the windows lite up orange when I took this photo. The best guess I have is that someone hit the brake lights when they saw a grown man playing in the middle of the road. It is always very dangerous trying to take any photographs near the road. I really shouldn’t joke around and always do my best to be safe. I hope you find this photo as enjoyable as I do.

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