Glendale Shoals

Glendale Shoals

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Glendale Shoals in Spartanburg is one of my favorite locations. This place is simply stunning. It was a blast walking across the shoal and photographing the waterfall that spills over the dam. If you’ve been looking for somewhere to take that special someone in your life, I strongly recommend this spot.

I saw several people doing more than just smooching too. Many people bring their pets or go fishing. While I was visiting some young men were racing RC cars over the rocks which I thought was a unique use of the shoal’s terrain. This is also a wildlife reserve. It has a considerable animal and bird population. Be prepared for just about too much jubilation emanating from the air. Glendale is absolutely picturesque. Expect to see jovial sweethearts hopping across the rocks and picnicking at every turn.

This is where I give a short history lesson about the area. The park is located on what was once the Glendale Mill. It was a large cotton mill built in the 1800s. Today all that is left is a brick tower located on one side of the river. Not only is it a beautiful location, it is a historic one too.

If that hasn’t convinced you to go visit this place check this out. Glendale Shoals has an EarthCam. Having trouble sleeping? Wish you weren’t at the office? Need help relieving yourself? You can see and hear Glendale Shoals anytime you like thanks to a live stream provided by Wofford College.


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