Buffalo Mill

Buffalo Mill Ruins

After several unplanned stops, I finally arrived in Buffalo. The company store was the first place that I photographed. It was built in 1902 and is one of the few remaining buildings originally constructed. The glass windows have been broken and the structure seems to have fallen into decrepitude. As I snapped away I noticed the only sound was the shutter from my camera. I didn’t hear anyone, anywhere. It made for a strong overture for the spooky ruins that awaited me just across the street.

Buffalo Mill Ruins

Buffalo Mill Company Store

In many ways, Buffalo Mill was just another textile mill. You can’t find a whole lot of information about the mill or what it was like or at least I couldn’t. What makes it worth seeing are the towers that remain standing today. These sentinels stand testament to the past, to a different time. One that refuses to be forgotten.

Buffalo Mill Ruins

Buffalo Mill “Two Towers”

I am sure I would have learned much more about this location if I had visited the Union County History Museum. So make sure you pinpoint that location if you’re interested in getting a more thorough history of Buffalo Mill, no not Buffalo Bill.

Buffalo Mill Ruins

Buffalo Mill Montage 2

I can say that when I finally got to the Mill’s former site I was stupefied by the surreal feeling that came over me. It is hard to believe sometimes how diverse one state can really be. Stepping out the door in the suburbs of Greenville and standing that same day in such a dramatically different environment is hard to describe. It is a feeling you would only expect upon exiting an airplane and stepping off into another country.

Buffalo Mill Ruins

Buffalo Mill montage 1

Buffalo Mill is located in Buffalo, Union County, South Carolina.
Buffalo Mill Ruins

Buffalo Mill “Worlds Collide”


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