Emslie Nicholson Mansion

emslie nicholson house

You never know until you ask. That is what I was thinking as I pressed the gate intercom button outside Fair Forest Plantation. I had been traveling yet again and not with this location in mind. All the same, It has become an addiction to stop at every historical marker along any route I take. A charming voice replied almost immediately asking who it was and what I wanted. That is when I realized I hadn’t actually thought about what I would say. A few moments passed and finally, I stuttered out my name and that I had an interest in photographing historic locations. I think the embarrassment in my voice could be heard because the disembodied voice seemed satisfied. I never did meet the young lady who was kind enough to let me in and I didn’t waste my time on their property. I quickly took a few shots of this historic location and was on my way.

Nicholson Mansion

Nicholson Mansion

The property has a history and was once a plantation called Fair Forest. It was named after a nearby creek of the same name and built by a Thomas Fletchall. Old Thomas was a Loyalist and things didn’t go too well for him. After the revolution, his place was sold.

Nicholson Mansion

Nicholson Mansion

Skip way ahead to 1923 and a mansion gets built. It is in the Tudor Revival style and was designed by Robert & Co. of Atlanta. It was built for Emslie Nicholson, president of a bunch of textile mills in Union, Lockhart, and Monarch. According to South Carolina Plantations, it now is owned by Patrick and Lynn Mornanes. They have been spending the last several years fixing it up. It also seems to be on display around Christmas and is one of five sites on the annual “Home for Christmas” tour in Union County.

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