Donalds Train Station

It is nothing less than a tragedy that these old train depot can’t all be preserved. This one in Donalds, South Carolina is on the verge of complete ruin today. The train which was once so vital is now all but forgotten. I wish that we put more emphasis on keeping these places from being destroyed by time. Without them, expansion west would have been far more difficult. The stations were crucial in the development of many towns.

Today the station is Donalds is left unmaintained and is used only for the storage of junk. What could be a center for heritage and community pride is neglected and nearly forgotten. This is why I think that the goal of the National Register of Historic Places is in some ways poorly thought out. Just because something is old doesn’t mean it should be preserved. As long as we have places like this slowly falling apart, the whole point has been lost. Shouldn’t the “historic” significance should play a larger role?

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