Hell’s Gate

Ruinous Legends

With Halloween approaching, I thought I would mention a somber example of how sometimes ghost stories can be destructive to the preservation of historic locations.

A good example is Hell’s Gate, the nickname given to the Oakwood Cemetery in Spartanburg. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in the south and as you might have guessed from the nickname, supposedly haunted. A few reports of ghost have been made, but what is reported even more frequently is vandalism. It has gotten so bad that it is no longer a safe place to be at night.

I went by to see if the rumors were true and noticed that some of the graves had been defaced and I even noticed a broken sarcophagus. It really was very upsetting to see how one of the oldest cemeteries in South Carolina is being slowly destroyed. Over 30 tombs have been disturbed in just the past few years. The skulls have even been taken from some of the graves. It isn’t even uncommon to hear stories of people out in potter’s field performing bizarre rituals with the stolen skulls.




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