Jennie Erwin Branch Library

Today is going to be short and sweet. I’ve been making some major changes to my website so that you can begin to participate in this wonderful project.

Honea Path is the smallest of the towns in South Carolina with a library that is funded for by the Andrew Carnegie Foundation. This library was first built in 1907. In 1958 it was renamed The Jennie Erwin Libary and some expansions were made in 1998. I actually remember this library before it was remodeled. Once a long time ago and thanks to the lack of effort from one unnamed librarian, I managed to get into reading mythology. A book titled, “Children of Odin” got mixed into the kid’s literature section at the library. An honest mistake for someone to make back in the 90s. If the book had the word Children in it, it must have been for kids. That is at least how I figure it got placed into my hands at such an early age. It is really weird how such small insignificant things can dramatically change our lives. I might have been almost normal if it wasn’t for that simple, yet disastrous mistake.

Anyway, I can’t say I’ve stepped inside a library too many times since this one was remodeled. I somehow managed literacy or something near it anyway. I do remember thinking that the place was considerably smaller though, but I’m not sure how much expansion work was really done to the place. If anyone has any photos of what it looked like before being remodeled please share them on my new site 😉

The Jennie Erwin Libary is located at:

318 N. Shirley Ave. Honea Path, South Carolina 29654


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