Resident Kitty

Meet Zoe, the most important animal at Middleton Place. As you can easily see, Zoe doesn’t take the position of Resident Cat lightly. Pest control is a very serious issue on any farm. It is with that problem in mind that cats were most likely originally domesticated. Nothing keeps the vermin away quite as easily as a good Barn Cat. No need for troublesome traps or risky poisons when this kitty is on patrol.
Nothing is more undesirable than vermin. They have a tendency of finding their way into the farm and contaminating crops. The grain and feed could be potentially ruined if it wasn’t for this hard-working mouser.
 Don’t let the cat napping guise fool you. Zoe isn’t messing around. While she may seem to be basking lazily in the sunlight, she stays constantly vigilant against all tiny intruders. 
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