Biggins Church Ruins

Three strikes and you’re out. That seems to be the rule of thumb with Biggins Church in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. After burning down three separate times, it seems as though this church wasn’t meant to be. First constructed in 1711 to replace the simple wooden building that had been used for religious service, Biggins church had one seriously turbulent history.

The first fire came around 1755 when a forest fire destroyed it. No worries, the church was replaced with a completely new building in 1761. The ruins found today are from this building. That isn’t the end of the story though by any means. Britsh troops burned the church down the second time in 1781. Then it was once again rebuilt. During the Civil War soldiers severely damaged the church. If you think the damage was done, you’d be wrong! Sometime between 1886 to 1890 a forest fire burned down the church one final time. Most of the stones were scavenged, but what remains of the ruins can still be seen today.



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