Claussen Bakery

This two-story trapezoidal building is one of two remaining Claussen’s Bakeries. One in Columbia and one in Greenville. This article is about the one located at 400 Augusta Street in Greenville.

When it was built in 1930, it initially employed only 40 workers. Those 40 workers were able to produce 45,000 loaves of bread daily. That is something I found very surprising. The building itself is fairly large. So you can easily imagine a far greater number of employees. It is also hard to imagine 40 people in 1930 being able to produce 45,000 loaves of bread on a daily basis. Yet, somehow they managed to do just that.

Today the building is owned by The Upstate Craft Beer Co. It seems only right that a craft beer company would use a bakery for producing its diverse array of exceptional house brews. Oh, and make sure you ask for a glass of “Extradimensional Beings” when you visit.

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