Bank of Waterloo

Tucked away in Laurens County is a small brick building called the Bank of Waterloo. You would never know you had visited Waterloo if it wasn’t for this bygone depository from the past. The town itself has been in constant decline for a long time. Back in a 2010 census, Waterloo had a whopping population of 166 people, which is 37 fewer compared to the 2000 census. In 2014 that number continued to drop, giving the town a total a population of 159 people. Between 2014 and 2000 the population dropped 21.7% That is an unprecedented decline for an upstate town in South Carolina.

As I bet you’re imagining, The Bank of Waterloo sits alone and mostly forgotten today. However, from the very beginning, the year 1913, the bank seems destined for failure. The Great Depression struck and after only 18 years of business, its doors shut for the last time. The Bank of Waterloo’s story is unfortunate.


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