Hub City Buddhist

I hadn’t expected to find much when I visited The Preah Ang Thom Pagoda in Spartanburg, South Carolina. In my mind, this was going to be mostly a novelty group comprised of a few dozen people. So you can imagine my surprise when I stumbled into a temple that host over two hundred members.

After snapping a few photos of the Buddha I was met by a Resident Monk who filled me in on what happens at the Pagoda. One of my first questions was when service was held. The very idea seemed to confuse him. After a few more attempts I was able to explain what I meant and his response was priceless. He said, “We worship every day.”

This must be one of the more uncommon aspects of Buddhism for Americans because he assured me that I didn’t have to come every day. That they did have a Meditation group that meets every Thursday at 6PM specifically for English speakers.

As a parting piece of wisdom, I was told, “The gift of Dhamma triumphs over all other gifts.”

This Theravada Buddhist temple, officially titled Spartanburg Buddhist Center of South Carolina, is open every evening from 8:00pm to 9:00pm, 7 days a week. Come on any day and however many days you choose.

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