Laurens Cotton Mill

What you see here is the remnants of Laurens Cotton Mill. If I’m not mistaken this is one of the four towers that the building had. I’ve always found these towers and chimneys very interesting. They are like sentinels who stand against time. Being naturally more resilient and difficult to destroy. They often are the only links we have to our past. Driving down the road I am sure you have seen one of these lone testaments to the forgotten past. Standing alone and refusing to be forgotten.

Not much remains from Laurens Cotton Mill today. Much of it was sold off for lumber and brick until around 2008. Then, I believe this was around the time of the housing bubble, the profits to be made in selling off what remained dwindled. Now among the rubble stands only a few chimneys and the towers. Those are all we now have as proof to what was once a thriving textile industry.



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