I killed your baby!!!

CryBaby Bridge

Crybaby bridges are pretty common. You might even have one nearby where you live. As I was growing up I always heard stories about much braver kids visiting the one in Anderson, South Carolina. This bridge was built in Virginia in 1919. At some point, the bridge was replaced by a cement one, but the rust-covered iron rail bridge is still intact today.

Every CryBaby Bridge has its own story, even multiple stories about the same bridge. That is how it is with the one in Anderson. They all vary in some way but always revolve around being able to hear the cries of specter infants. The version that I was excruciatingly forced to listen to goes something like this: A mother was driving home one evening when she got into an accident on the bridge. To her dismay her newborn baby was plunged into the river below, apparently having been propelled from the vehicle to its icy fate. Every night the mother could be found searching high and low along the bank for her missing child. To this day you can hear the screams of her lost baby and sometimes even see the mother if you’re lucky. All you have to do is stand in the middle of the bridge late at night and scream at the top of your lungs, “I KILLED YOUR BABY!!!”.

These stories are always a lot of fun to tell the kids, but why is it that so many places have CryBaby bridges? I believe that these legends crop up because as bridges age they naturally begin to squeak. These sounds can, if you try, sound similar to that of an infant. I think this is especially true with iron rail bridges in particular.

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