Campbell’s Covered Bridge

Campbell’s covered bridge is the last remaining covered bridge in South Carolina. Giving that it was built way back in 1909 I’m really surprised it has lasted so long. This photograph was taken right after a heavy rain. The river flow was so strong that day I swore it would wash the bridge away. Luckily the bridge held fast and weathered another storm. However, that got me thinking. Why is this the “last” covered bridge? Why do covered bridges exist at all?

If you imagine that covered bridges were created to add some level of comfort to those who use them, you’d be mostly wrong. While they do add a certain level of aesthetic pleasure to view, they aren’t designed with human comfort in mind most of the time. Instead, they are covered to protect the wood, not you. An uncovered wooden bridge will not last anywhere near as long as a covered bridge. It is just that plain and simple. I don’t know about you, but that was kind of surprising for me. Think of it like this, If covered bridges were used mainly for covering pedestrians from the bad weather it would have carried over when bridges started being made out of concrete and steel. When wood bridges stopped being built, covered bridges stopped being made as well.

Anyway, even more shocking is the fact that Campbell’s bridge is named after someone with the last name Campbell. I bet you didn’t see that one coming. A Lafayette Campbell to be exact. It really is a beautiful bridge and if you get the opportunity you should go check it out.

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