UPDATED: Ridge Spring


While passing through this small town I noticed something really unique. It reminded me of what happens when a culture has completely forgotten the initial function of an ancient cornerstone of their way of life. If you’ve ever heard of the Cargo Cult you’ll understand what I’m getting at here.

Right on the edge of downtown is a mosaic tractor. A sort of town idol set upon a pedestal to glorify the once great god of the harvest? I’m sure that isn’t the case, but I’ve yet to discover why Ridge Spring, South Carolina thought that tractors need to be bejeweled.

I will tell you this though if you happen to be passing by and don’t have an iron bladder, keep going. Literally half of the businesses in town have a sign refusing bathroom service to anyone, but customers. The other half blatantly refuse to allow you to use the bathroom. After getting sucked into photographing the shiny monument to lost technology, I found this out the hard way.

Brandon Coffey pointed out that “It was done as an art installation for a 2005 fall festival but has become a permanent fixture. The artist enlisted local school children to help her.” Thank Brandon Coffey​ for pointing that out. I couldn’t find that information anywhere.

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