Mayor McCheese

Have you ever run into a picture, object, or even a place that jogged a memory? Something so potent it released those suppressed recollections that you tried so hard to forget? Today pandora’s box was opened and I fear this time the entrapping buns are here to stay. I had forgotten a memory, one buried so deep that when it was retrieved It felt like an invasion was taking place. Forgotten were the all too frequent evenings spent inside that terrorizing prison. All those memories playing inside the enormous skull of a anthropomorphized CheeseBurger, “Mayor McCheese”, came flooding back. It was from within this tiny torment chamber I could look out upon my world from the height of the rulers and contemplate my place in the scheme of things. Suddenly I remembered being behind those bacteria ridden bars. A constable Big Mac that imprisons children, this grotesquery will haunt my dreams tonight.

Will that said, if you’re ever in Greenville and looking to travel down memory lane check out Hot Rod’s Used Furniture & Arcade Store. This place is full of some seriously unusual stuff. I’m sure you too will find something you wish you hadn’t.

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