Edisto Memorial Garden

I don’t really understand the significance of the history here. It goes something like, back in 1865 a bunch of confederates “temporarily” halted the Union Army. How exactly that deserves a memorial I’m not completely sure. I suppose it may have given the lower part of the state time to turn tail and run? I guess when you’re on the losing side you celebrate every minor victory you can. Either way, the good news is that they turned this location into one of the most beautiful gardens in the state.

The photograph above is of the Angel of Hope, a bronze monument dedicated to children who have lost their lives. The statue is part of a collection in the United States. This one is the 100th and the only one found in South Carolina. The Angel of Hope is a place for grieving parents to heal and remember their lost child.

Full of thousands of interesting plants and dozens of roses, Edisto Memorial Garden is one place everyone should see. With the Edisto river running along side, It is quite the picturesque location indeed.  I particularly loved the old cypress trees. Something about those ancient trees added a dark mystery to the surrounding landscape.



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