The Pay Phone


I’ve never been on a train outside of a theme park. Most of the towns around came about though because of the railroad. It was a prevalent part of everyone’s life. That time came and went, but we still have trains to some extent. Most of the stations are gone. Although, some have been preserved as museums. Today something similar is happening with phone booths and pay phones. When I was a kid you could still find pay phones at just about every convenienceĀ store. I don’t know exactly when they started being phased out exactly. Although, I do know why they started disappearing. I’m sure everyone does. Cellphones. The Pay Phone went from being a necessity to obsolete almost over night as technology progressed. The difference to me is that no sign of the Pay Phone will be left. I was honestly shocked to discover that you can still find working pay Phones at all.

Anyway, I wonder how many people today can even say that they’ve ever used one. I know that I only did once or twice.

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