UFO Welcome Center


I honestly have no clue how the town of Bowman could have allowed this thing to exist. I have never seen something quite like this before. Construction began in 1994 as a place where aliens and humans could get to know one another. The Welcome Center consists of two saucers stacked on top of one another. Nothing connects the top saucer securely to the bottom saucer. The entire design appears structurally unsound and is completely built of wood, metal, and random junk. To make things worse the entire property is littered with scrap, debris, and trash. The good news is it is air conditioned. So at least the aliens won’t have to worry about being too uncomfortable when they make contact. So what am I saying? This thing is a must see. Coming into Boman you quickly realize that the UFO Center is just about the only draw to the town. I can’t imagine anyone visiting Boman for any other reason. It is easy to imagine that half of the town’s guest is there only to see The UFO Center. So, if you happen to be passing that way make sure to stop and see this place. It certainly isn’t the kind of place you’d imagine finding a UFO Center. Then again, where would you expect to find one?

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