Newberry Manor

Ghost stories in Newberry, South Carolina abound. From West End Cemetary to Newberry College you can find enough to easily fill a book. I don’t put much credit in any of these stories, but I still think it is fun to visit these historic locations. While passing through recently I was lucky enough to stay at the Newberry Manor. I’ve heard first-hand accounts of strange occurrences taking place in this well-known home. Most of which seem innocuous enough. Usually centering around a child ghost who keeps the guest up late at night. The version that I was told involved a candy dish being knocked over. Staying in the Victoria Suite they heard giggling outside. Jonathon, my friend, got out of bed and went to see if the kids were playing in the common area. It was empty and quiet. If that wasn’t enough, closing the door he turned to see a candy dish knocked clear off the dresser on the other side of the room. Of course, while I was at Newberry Manor I didn’t see anything that could be deemed supernatural. The proprietors were very kind. They also didn’t put much trust in the stories. Although they did admit to keeping plenty of candy in each room, just in case the ghost children were hungry.

If you happen to be passing through make sure to stop and check out this historic location.

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