Sign Barn

Unforeseen Fame Sometimes notoriety comes at a price and The Sign Barn in Pickens County is a wonderful example. Mr. Madden, the owner, admitted that he never intended for his fascination with antiquities to spark so much public interest. Yet, within a few years, the internet has transformed one … Continue readingSign Barn

Go shopping in Prison?

•Stockade Antiques• “Go in looking for a sofa, stay for 30 to Life” Okay. So maybe that isn’t the actual slogan for Stockade Antiques. It really should be though. So, have you ever heard those news stories where the police trick unwitting criminals into coming … Continue readingGo shopping in Prison?


I can go ahead and tell you that Starr follows a pattern that is all too common in the upstate.  Brace yourself for another melancholy tale of abandonment. Did you know that Starr didn’t always go by that title? This small town was once called Twiggs … Continue readingStarr

Gilreath’s Mill

I love looking at this picture from Panoramio of Gilreath’s Mill. Seeing horses and old vintage cars using the same dirt roads is captivating for me. I who have so rarely seen either. What a busy and important hub of commerce and social exchange it appeared … Continue readingGilreath’s Mill


•Hannah Rosenwald School• This is exactly why I need to go see my Grandmother more often. Facts can get lost over the years and even the name of a place can be forgotten. A good example of this is the Hannah Rosenwald School in Newberry … Continue readingUtopia?

Missile Man

•Man builds missile in Cross Hill?• Taking the backroads to Columbia has really helped me discover some interesting places. All kinds of places can be found just off the interstate. This one can be found in Cross Hill. First though let me just make it clear, … Continue readingMissile Man